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Good smelling balls, are fashion accessories that utilize the natural fragrance of aromatic wood to offer a multi sensual experience.

an accent to your look.
Appropriate for daily wear or special dates. Coordinates
well with a suit and just as well with a casual T shirt.

Enjoy the fragrance that naturally emanates from the aromatic
wood. Yes it is all NATURAL nothing artificial is applied.

Lots of laughter and interesting conversations started,
when people ask about your good smelling balls. Good fun.

Just be. words of inspiration, the philosophy,
featured here on an our sandalwood double wrap bracelet.

Just be sandalwood double wrap bracelet
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Just be. charm combined with blue crystal beads in a vibrant sparkling design. special order piece from

Just be blue crystal bracelet

sometimes you have to,
Just be.

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RFC_bracelet_close up
good smelling balls bracelet with original R clasp
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ROGER FRANCIS CLARKE® "Trophy" boutonnière (flower holder) featuring a fresh live flower.
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good smelling balls sandalwood bracelet combined with gold proclaim cufflinls and brown Koibito lite clutch.
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Coordination: Silver Proclaim cufflinks, Silver Pillar ring, Agarwood good smelling balls bracelet, Philosopher 365 watch Red Koibito lite Clutch
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