the perfect way to
carry your essential items with 3
different carrying styles.
The perfect bag for special occasions like Fashion Shows,
Banquet, Reception, Special Dinner Weddings etc…,
those times when a briefcase or knapsack just won’t do.

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Our favorite way to carry this bag is the clutch style (pictured here).
Our bag allows the a man to carry a clutch in a masculine way, but also
allows women to use it in a way they are comfortable with.

The second carrying style is the handheld handle style like a briefcase or traditional bag. Ready to accommodate you if you need more space, the bag will double in capacity while retaining the same amount of carrying ease.

The third carrying style is with the clutch strap that converts to a shoulder strap. This method allow the bag to be out of your way and comfortably close by. The strap is unobtrusive so It doesn't get in the way or compete with your outfit.

take your Koibito with you.

movie showcasing the 3 carry style examples
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koibito with essentials

For special occasions you don’t have to use your office bag or gym bag when you can carry only the few items you really need. Stylishly carry all your essential items like mobile phone, compact camera, wallet, key case, business card case, pen, notebook, etc.

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take your Koibito with you.

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